Stone by clammy stone, the house in the wilderness claws toward heaven, but its long and winding roots are firmly planted in hell. Dark forces possess Jack. When he shows Malcolm his newest acquisition, Malcolm shrugs it off. How could a tiny statue possess mystical properties? But Jack's enormous wealth, once a source of lavish parties and bohemian revelry, is now cause for concern. Click here for more.

In the frigid autumn stillness of rural Michigan, a young woman's body is left to die on a lonely road. Retribution. The word is inscribed in human bile and screams at Quinn Masterson from a murderer's distorted mind. It seems to beckon her: come and watch me kill. It's a disquieting invitation for Agent Masterson and DHS Agent Philip Glass, but Quinn's not surprised. It's exactly what an abduction victim would expect. Click here for more.

Doc's penchant for recreational chemicals is the source of his legal woes, which most would say are well-deserved.
But the news of his Great Aunt Sadie's death trumps everything and renews old nightmares, of an absurd house that harbors a chilling revelation
and court documents that were sealed when Doc was thirteen. Click here for more.

In the clammy darkness separating prison cells, whispers permeate the mist. Imprisoned for a crime they did not commit, two lovers struggle to survive, but only their hushed whispers afford them warmth. In an attempt to keep his love from losing all hope, the man retells the story of Josh and Katie, two lovers who experienced their own imprisonment. Click here for more.

  • The House that Jack Built
  • Distortions
  • One Night in the House of the Creepy Santas
  • Whispers in the Mist
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