The House that Jack Built, by James M. Campbell
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Stone by clammy stone, the house in the wilderness claws toward heaven, but its long and winding roots are firmly planted in hell.

Dark forces possess Jack. When he shows Malcolm his newest acquisition, Malcolm shrugs it off. How could a tiny statue possess mystical properties? But Jack’s enormous wealth, once a source of lavish parties and bohemian revelry, is now cause for concern. Jack’s unholy obsession with art is a symptom of a growing madness, and Malcolm cannot dismiss it anymore. “He’s not well.” Malcolm cannot comprehend the true meaning of those words. The drug abuse, the troubling behavior and the violent... More

Distortions, by James M. Campbell
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In the frigid autumn stillness of rural Michigan, a young woman's body is left to die on a lonely road.

Retribution. The word is inscribed in human bile and it screams at Quinn Masterson from a murderer's distorted mind. It seems to beckon her: come and watch me kill. A disquieting invitation for Agent Masterson and DHS Agent Philip Glass, Quinn's not surprised. It's exactly what an abduction victim would expect.

Quinn can't help but feel that her first case with the FBI is a setup. Who - or what - is behind the troubled writing?. What is the connection... More

Whispers in the Mist, by James M. Campbell
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The whispers have grown infrequent since the two lovers heard the troubling rumors. It is just a matter of time and beyond all hope, the man will find a way to keep her preoccupied. With a story and a dream, he keeps her warm while they live out their sentence in adjoining cells, imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Every night and without fail, his desperate tale cuts through the choking mist and uncertainty.
Josh's fate was sealed when he left Katie to write for The New York Times. On the eve of his first true success, things should be snapping into place for Josh. But when he meets Natalie, a free spirit with a troubling secret... More

One Night in the House of the Creepy Santas, by James M. Campbell
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In the frozen wastelands of Arctic Finland, an ancient legend lies dormant under three thousand years of snow and ice. Half a world away, a Christmas Eve Nor’easter pummels Eerie Cove, Massachusetts.

Joshua ‘Doc’ Lavine may be the best neurosurgeon in Boston, but surgical prowess isn’t likeability and a career-ending lawsuit is the least of his problems. The Boston District Attorney plans to file criminal charges and no one feels sorry for Doc. News of Aunt Sadie’s death should be a welcome diversion, but it just reopens memories of ancient rituals and court documents that were sealed when Doc... More
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