Bruce W. Bishop

Bruce W. Bishop is an author based in Halifax, Canada. He has a fondness for writing global family sagas, characters from diverse backgrounds and uncovering historical tidbits that have been overlooked in Canada’s past. His second novel, Uncommon Sons, launched in July 2021 on Amazon and Rakuten Kobo.

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James M. Campbell

“I vividly remember the moment when I knew I would be a writer. When I was eight years old, my grandmother gifted me a subscription to ‘Children’s Digest.’ As luck would have it, the very first issue I received featured ‘Riddles in the Dark,’ Chapter 5 from The Hobbit. The chapter was provided as a series over three or four issues and I anxiously awaited each new issue to find out what happened next with Bilbo and Gollum. It wasn’t long before I got the book and devoured it before moving on to Lord of the Rings.”

James M. Campbell has had a long career working as a publisher and editor. But his first love is writing and he recently finished his sixth novel, the soon-to-be-published The Angel of Sallow Cove. In addition to a growing library of short stories and poetry, he also ghost-wrote a business autobiography, is a regular contributor to tech blogs, and he has penned numerous articles on behalf of C-level executives for publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine. He’s also written and produced more than 4,000 videos for the world’s largest private education provider.

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Irene Schouwenaar Powell

Irene Schouwenaar Powell has been writing professionally for several years, but The Never Existence of Seba and Raj is her first work of fiction. (She didn’t set out to be a novelist, but one day someone invited her to try writing fiction and a novel emerged.)

Irene currently makes her home in Toronto but spends much of her time wandering away from it. She enjoys travelling, public transit, and spending time with her sons. Her ex-husband once said that being married to her was “like a sport or something.”

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