For All the Children to See

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The Chilling Sequel to Distortions


By James M. Campbell

Retribution Trilogy Book 2

The Chilling Sequel to Distortions

Haunted by the events of the past few months, Quinn Masterson is in a dark place now. Desperate to find peace, she tries to lose herself in a casual tryst when she makes a disturbing find. The gruesome discovery carries alarming similarities to her disastrous first case with the FBI, which was never brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Halfway across the world in the Czech Republic, archaeology student Piotr Kocourek stumbles onto a mysterious clue while working on a key piece of evidence from Quinn’s first case. While Piotr doesn’t understand the meaning of what he found, his mentor, renowned archaeologist Edvard Smitrishinsky, does: a dangerous secret that has been hidden for centuries and must remain hidden at all costs.

Unaware of this new evidence, Quinn obsesses over how long she can get away with breaking the law. Desperate to decipher the relationship between what she found in California and the case that nearly ended her career, Quinn reaches out to Cyrus ‘Bo’ Evans, the mass murderer she idolized as a teen, setting in motion a chain reaction that entangles Quinn in a nationwide manhunt. Aided by Howie and Circuits, Quinn struggles against the will of superiors who don’t seem to want her to succeed; and as her investigation deepens, Quinn fears that what she found on the beach is a deliberate distraction.

As her past threatens to collide with the present, the throbbing in Quinn’s head prophesies a second psychotic break. And when the injustices she suffered as a child finally catch up with her, Quinn risks becoming the very thing she hunts.

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  1. April88Shower

    Wow…just wow. When I picked this up I didn’t think it could top Distortions, but wow…

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