One Night in the House of the Creepy Santas

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Silent Night, Unholy Night


By James M. Campbell

A Quinn Masterson Case File

In a frozen Arctic wasteland, an ancient legend lies dormant under three thousand years of snow and ice, while half a world away a Christmas Eve Nor’easter pummels Eerie Cove, Massachusetts.

Joshua ‘Doc’ Lavine is an accomplished Boston neurosurgeon but he faces a career-ending lawsuit and the threat of criminal charges. No one feels sorry for him because his surgical skills are second only to his misanthropy, and while news of Aunt Sadie’s death should be a welcome diversion, it revives memories of ancient rituals and court documents that were sealed when Doc was thirteen. Inside the house Sadie bequeathed to Doc, a fresh body has been found, and when FBI Agent Quinn Masterson arrives in Eerie Cove asking questions, Doc realizes that his time is running out.

Once determined to never return to that house, Doc now knows that he has no choice. The truth will be revealed on Christmas Eve: a clandestine organization linked to Nazi Germany; an ancient legend frozen in time; pagan graveyard rituals performed in the still of night; and the truth about Doc’s horrifying past.

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1 review for One Night in the House of the Creepy Santas

  1. Sara

    You’ll never look at Christmas figurines the same way!

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