Whispers in the Mist

Time is Love’s Enemy


By James M. Campbell

Time is Love’s Enemy

Two lovers imprisoned in adjoining cells for a crime they did not commit. Night after night, their hushed reassurances keep them warm. But now their whispers waver with uncertainty over rumors overheard in the still mist of darkness. Faced with the terrifying prospect of being separated forever, their hopes fade quickly. Desperate to protect his love from despair, the man distracts the woman with a story of Josh and Katie.

Josh sealed his own fate when he left Katie to write for The New York Times. When he meets Natalie, a free spirit with a troubling secret, his refusal to see the truth threatens to snap Josh in two. What is the meaning of the disturbing contents of the red envelopes that keep landing on his desk? Who is Josh’s stalker, known only as ‘The Mysterious S?’ Chance Fry, a washed-up FBI agent working on his last case, recognizes similarities to a mystery that has been evading him for years. As he investigates, he grows closer to the truth, but he realizes that this is no ordinary case and the evidence he uncovers may come too late. Then, like a lifeline thrown to a drowning man, Katie reaches out to Josh when he needs her the most.

But every story comes to conclusion, and the imprisoned lovers are nearing the end of theirs. Even tender words, heated debates, and a tragic tale of love lost cannot distract the two from the inevitable as the lovers’ jailers prepare to carry out their nefarious plan.

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