The First Book in the Quinn Masterson Mysteries Series


By James M. Campbell

Retribution Trilogy Book 1

A message scrawled at a murder scene seems to beckon Dr. Quinn Masterson: come and watch me kill. She’s the FBI’s newest criminal profiler and when DHS Agent Philip Glass seeks her help in solving the mystery of Flight 74, Quinn senses a set up. Is she even ready for this? Who – or what – is behind the cryptic message written in human bile? What is the connection to the killer known as ‘The Big Bad Wolf?’ Why does the evidence keep pointing to Quinn’s horrific past?

Fighting the clock and well aware that lives are on the line, Quinn must determine the killer’s true intent before they strike again. Panic threatens to destroy her as the mystery unravels, and Quinn’s blood turns to ice as she uncovers hints of a secret organization, unsettling rumors about her placement with the FBI, and new information arising from her terrifying abduction fourteen years ago. As her world caves in, Quinn is unsure which will get her first: the demons she tracks or the ones lurking inside her.

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